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Hand Grip Strength in Post-COVID-19 Individuals: Comparison of two Approaches in Occupational Therapy

Elisabete Roldão 1*,Bruna Bastos 1,Mariana Almeida 1and奥尔加文图拉 1
1OT, Polytechnic Institute Of Leiria, School Of Health Sciences, CiTechCare, Leiria, Portugal

*Corresponding Author:
Elisabete Roldão
OT, Polytechnic Institute Of Leiria, School Of Health Sciences, CiTechCare, Leiria, Portugal

Received Date: Aug 17, 2022Accepted Date: Aug 22, 2022发布日期: 2022年8月29日


Handgrip strength reflects the strength of the upper limbs and is used as an indicator of health and functionality. COVID-19 causes great loss of strength and functionality in hospitalized patients. This study focuses on Occupational Therapy intervention to achieve gains in hand grip strength, in post-COVID-19 individuals, who have been in an inpatient situation. The goal of the study is to show that both types of intervention (conventional Occupational Therapy or using the Biometrics E-link® G200 dynamometer with game interface) reveal gains in hand grip strength in post-COVID-19 individuals and counts with two participants, randomly inserted into the intervention types. The Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder (DASH) was used to assess the functionality of the upper limb. The Dynamometer G200 of the Biometrics E-Link® as used to assess the hand grip strength with the American Society of Hand Therapists Evaluation Protocol. Witch participant receives one type of intervention, one using the G200 Dynamometer gaming interface and the other through a conventional Occupational Therapy rehabilitation program. The results allowed us to realize the gains that the OT intervention can have with post-COVID-19 individuals. Thus, we believe that this study can be a first step towards something to be developed in the future.


COVID-19; Handgrip strength; Occupational therapy

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